About Us

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Our Mission

The Mission of the City of Coahoma is to provide, facilitate and regulate services, facilities and infrastructure for our citizens, customers, visitors and businesses in a friendly, efficient, fair, honest and competent manner with quality, forethought and values.

Our Values

Integrity is honesty, trustworthiness, ethical behavior and always doing the right thing. Integrity matters because we are entrusted with building and maintaining our community. Integrity is the foundation of all other core values.

Outstanding Customer Service
We work to deliver the highest quality services to our residents, customers, and visitors. We strive to understand the needs of citizens and treat everyone fairly - consistently and responsively.

Fiscal Responsibility
We are entrusted to use city resources efficiently and transparently. We are committed to our taxpayers realizing a good value for their investment. We demonstrate good stewardship of financial resources.

Operational Excellence
We strive for the efficient, effective and innovative utilization of city resources. We value meaningful and measurable results.

The City of Coahoma currently has five (5) employees.